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Bill volume for 2004

StateNet has posted a Bill Volume map on its web site. The map shows how much legislation was handled by each state legislature in 2004. Ohio falls in the range of handling 2001-3000 legislative documents according to this map from StateNet. Source of map: http://www.statenet.com/resources/

That count is correct if resolutions and concurrent resolutions are part of the final tally. The totals from the Appendices and General Index of the Journals ... for the 125th Ohio General Assembly (2003-2004) are:

  • Senate bills introduced: 283
  • House bills introduced: 591
  • Bills passed by Senate: 83
  • Bills passed by House: 190
  • Senate resolutions adopted: 1,980
  • House resolutions adopted: 304
  • Total Senate bills becoming law: 37
  • Total House bills becoming law: 91