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Ohio's legislative history documents

The Legislative Service Commission posts Conference Committee Synopses and Synopses of Committee Amendments, starting with the 2001-2002, 124th General Assembly. Westlaw has recently added these files to their Ohio databases with identical coverage. Lexis does not carry these Ohio legislative documents at this time.

The Westlaw legislative history databases for Ohio, OH-LH, OH-LH-REP, OH-LH-JRNLS, and OH-LH-MSG are designated as Premier Advantage databases. Ohio is not alone. Other state legislative databases on Westlaw are Premier Advantage databases, meaning it will cost more ("... per-minute or per-document charges in addition to the cost of printing") if they are outside the Westlaw user's contract. This new Westlaw development is noted by Bill Manz in his Mar./April 2006 New York State Bar Association Journal article about the latest changes in New York legal research options.

The contents of the Ohio Westlaw Premier Advantage legislative databases are:
Bill analyses, Committee synopses, Conference Committee synopses, House journals, Senate journals, Governor's messages
Bill analyses, Committee synopses, Conference Committee synopses
House journals, Senate journals
Governor's messages