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Ohio Legal Gateway

A new fifty-state legal web resource (Legal Gateway) has just completed loading all fifty states. Here's the link to the Ohio Legal Gateway. It has basic links to state government resources for legal research, guidebooks that work like a topical legal encyclopedia, and an attorney search. The Guidebooks for Ohio don't function properly serving up error messages at the moment. Other states had Guidebooks that worked. The "Find an Attorney" feature pulls up selective results. The Legal Marketplace is not yet ready. AttorneysAnswer conveniently leads to a lawyer referral service. The site does not make it easy to figure out who they are. Consider yourself warned.


The Finder

The Ohio Dept. of Taxation has released a new tool called The Finder. Use it to find local taxation information by zip code. Currently it covers Sales and Use Taxes and the Public School District Income Tax. The school district tax results include the School District Number that is needed to fill out Ohio tax forms. Eventually, The Finder will also work for other taxes such as Municipal Income Tax and Real and Personal Property Income Tax.


Ohio Constitution reference guide

Greenwood Press will be publishing The Ohio Constitution: a reference guide as part of their series Reference Guides to the Constitutions of the United States. The work is authored by Steven H. Steinglass and Gino J. Scarselli with a forward by Chief Justice Thomas Moyer. The anticipated date of publication is Dec. 30, 2004. The new reference guide will provide section-by-section commentary on the Ohio Constitution, similar to the Ohio Constitution Handbook by Thomas Swisher, published in 1990.