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RSS service from State Library of Ohio

Here's an unusual twist to promoting the use of RSS. The State Library of Ohio has announced a new Current Awarness Service for state employees. The State Library will either set up the journal monitoring service or the state employee can follow instructions on their own. The service is provided by OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center. The library has published a newsletter article describing the service in detail.


Law review articles

A recent issue of the Akron Law Review (v.38 no. 1, 2005) contains two articles of interest to Ohio legal researchers: 1) Questioning The Necessity Of Concealed Carry Laws by William J. Michael, p. 53 and 2) Being The Government Means (Almost) Never Having To Say You're Sorry: The Sam Sheppard Case And The Meaning of Wrongful Imprisonment by Jonathan L. Entin, p. 139.


Games of chance

The Ohio Attorney General's office has announced that the Charitable Law Section has published guidelines for charitable organizations that may sponsor games of chance.


Public records law redux

Ohio HB 9 proposes to strengthen Ohio's public records laws. The effort has been ongoing for at least a decade. Maybe this time around some progress will be made. The driving force behind this piece of legislation is the result of an 88 county audit conducted last year by the Ohio Coalition for Open Government. The audit found that only 52% of the requests were promptly fulfilled. Tabulation of the audit results are here. For a detailed look at Ohio's public records law issues, see the Coalition's newsletter Open Records Report: Special Edition.