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Do not discard

Alert librarians will have already noticed that the LexisNexis annotated version of the Ohio Revised Code is missing old features as each volume is revised. When the Appendix volume and the General Provision volume were combined into one volume, some genius editor decided to remove the General Code to the Ohio Revised Code comparative section table. It's still available in the other annotated code, including its online version.



Addendum to the new online ORC

The two things that are missing on the new Lawriter version of the Ohio Revised Code are:
1) the Ohio Constitution, and;
2) the Ohio Rules of Court.

It was convenient to find the Ohio Constitution and the court rules together with the statutes (on the old Revised Code site operated by the Anderson Publishing Company). That web site is no longer operating (onlinedocs.andersonpublishing.com).

Now it is necessary to go to separate sites:
for the Ohio Constitution (Ohio General Assembly), and
for Court Rules (Supreme Court of Ohio).

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Lawriter's new ORC

Wow!!! That was fast. The new Lawriter web site is in action, posting the text of both the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code for the State of Ohio. The news came out in March 2007, announcing that Lawriter has "been awarded an exclusive contract as web publisher" of the online codes as provided to the public by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission. Lawriter publishes Casemaker Law Libraries, a product available for free to Ohio State Bar Association members.

As promised, the new web version of the code is easier to read. The text of the law is clearly set out and is not buried in frames and folders. Legislative history notes are very limited, not providing more than the most recent date of amendment. There is no reference to the specific legislation that changed the section. Search by word or code section number. No need to agonize over which screen to use for what. The ORC will be updated quarterly, while the OAC will be updated monthly.