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Ohio's trust laws as Title 58

A fellow Ohio Legal Researcher reminds us that Ohio's new Trust Code and other trust related statutes are to be Title 58. This is a landmark addition to the Ohio Revised Code as it has been a state code with a tradition of only using odd numbers for the broad subjects of its Titles (nos. 1 through 61). The even numbers have been saved for growth of the ORC. And grow it has. The new Title 58 was enacted into law during the 126th G.A. by Substitute House Bill 416 (Sub. HB 416). It will become effective on Jan. 1, 2007.

A complete analysis of the new law is availabe in Report on HB 416: The Ohio Trust Code. The report lays out the structure of Title 58:
  • Chapters 5801 to 5811 contain the Ohio Trust Code with Uniform Prudent Investor Act (former sections 1339.52 to 1339.61) included as Chapter 5809;
  • Chapter 5812 contains the Uniform Principal and Income Act (former sections 1340.40 to 1340.91)
  • Chapter 5813 contains the Institutional Trust Funds Act (former sections 1340.31 to 1340.37)
  • Chapter 5814 contains the Uniform Trusts to Minors Act (former sections 1339.31 to 1339.39)
  • the remaining provisions of 1339 and 1340 will be moved to Chapter 5815, and all existing statutes in Chapters 1339 and 1340 are repealed.

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